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Before    |    After


“This has been the quickest, most effective program I’ve ever been on.”

Bridget E., Delaware

“Melanie I want you to stay with me for the rest of my life!!! I feel so weird not documenting macros, I feel like I’m just eating all willy-nilly, having no idea where I’m at nutritionally throughout the day. So I will definitely continue with macros. I also plan on remaining this weight and lifestyle, I am so happy in my clothes and feel so much lighter and better. I felt so beautiful on my wedding day and I have you to thank!! I also loved the workouts, it was hard and I felt like I wasn’t doing it right sometimes or maybe I wasn’t getting where I wanted…. but we did it the right way by losing fat safely and effectively. I have already recommended you to my friends! I can’t say enough about how awesome you are! Your daily texts helped me out, the workouts were manageable (and when they weren’t it was a quick fix by you), and the diet wasn’t all that bad either. After eating and drinking whatever I wanted for 10 days, I am looking forward to routine and structure again.”
Jessica L., Pennsylvania

“following Melanie’s guidance the results are amazing. I have learned how to make better choices and I am more educated about nutrition and the health benefits of good health habits.  I sleep better at night and have more energy during the day.”

Patricia B., Florida

“I would like to personally thank Melanie. She was / is an amazing trainer. She taught me so much about food that I never knew. I learned about macros and how portions are crucial to losing weight. I want to thank her for teaching how to weight lift without feeling funny at the gym, this was a huge change for me. And I truly don’t feel funny, I love weight lifting. I lost inches and lost some pounds and I will continue to move forward with this plan. Thank you Melanie you are wonderful and I want you to know she never for a minute gave up on me.”

Maureen L., Pennsylvania

“I have lost weight, learned to eat a healthier food program and conquered my fear of using equipment like free weights and weight machines. Melanie keeps me motivated and I love working with her. I’ve learned a wealth of knowledge about safe workouts, too.!”

Diane M., Pennsylvania

“This is an excellent, well organized program with a very approachable, helpful, realistic trainer. She encourages and coaches.”

Margie C., Pennsylvania

“your program did make such an impact in my life. I learned so much about what workouts to do, and what kinds of foods I should eat, and about the importance of meal planning. I am so grateful to you and all that you have taught me!!”

Priya C., Canada

“This is the biggest transformation that I have ever accomplished! I feel lighter, leaner, my mind is clearer, my neck and back have been in less pain, less headaches and I’m so happy!!! I am so happy with my 30 lbs. weight loss in just 100 days! I plan on continuing until I achieve my desired weight and I look forward to working with Melanie again”

Sarah S., Pennsylvania