GIVE ME 50 (8 Weeks)

Are you looking to gain a more toned physique and feel confident wearing your bikini? The GIVE ME 50 Advanced program is designed by a certified personal trainer and will be created specifically for you!

If you have completed the GIVE ME 100 program or are seeking improvements in muscle tone, then GIVE ME 50 Advanced is ideal for you. This program consists of 2 phases that are each 4 weeks in length. I will work with you each week and provide customized diets and workouts based on your weekly results so that your goals turn into reality. Get ready to show off that bikini body!

Included in this program:

  • Personalized Diet & Workout Plans to Meet Your Goals
  • Mobile Friendly – Follow Your Plan From Anywhere
  • Comprehensive Nutritional Strategy
  • Regular Email Support
  • Weekly Phone Call/Video Call (as needed)
  • Weekly Review and Adjustment of Programs
  • Track Your Progress
  • Video Technique Assistance
  • Tips for Dining Out and On-the-Go
  • And much more!

Next steps after you purchase this plan:

  • You Receive New Client Paperwork (read, complete, and send back)
  • Finish App Account Set-Up (workouts, content, and tracking will be delivered through the app)
  • Customized 8-week Program Created Personally for You (built around your schedule, focuses on the diet and exercises that will help you reach your goals, and follows principles of exercise programming and healthy eating habits)
  • Weekly Workouts Delivered Through App (based on your skill level and with explanations and videos)
  • Weekly Diet Adjustments (as needed)
  • Weekly Check-Ins (email/phone/video)
  • Close Look at Progress (every 4 weeks)
  • Assess Progress at the End and Develop Plan for the Future
  • Reach out to Melanie at any time with questions and/or comments!

This program is 8 weeks in length.